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You’ve promoted your best employee – now what?

By Rick Galbreath 3 months ago

When an employee does an exceptionally good job, it’s only natural for him or her to be selected for promotion. After all, a business wants the best and brightest to be its leaders.

However, because an employee is remarkable in a current position doesn’t mean that he or she will automatically be able to assume additional responsibilities or magically develop further leadership skills without some help. In fact, that assumption can all but ensure failure for an otherwise bright and capable person.

How do you reward good work with a promotion and additional responsibilities without putting the employee in a difficult position? Offer him or her a coach. An executive or leadership coach can help your employee make the transition to elevated responsibility much more easily by introducing and honing skills that would not have been needed in a lower position but are required for management. Getting the newly-promoted manager up to speed quickly is in the best interest of both the employee and the business, so evaluating, introducing and adopting the new skills required is essential.

Hiring a third-party executive coach to help the new manager or executive is the quickest and most reliable way to get started. My company has had great success in helping give the new leader a hand up as he or she assumes an unfamiliar role and easing the transition from great employee to superstar leader. Current peers will not have the time, and probably not the skill set, to mentor and teach the new manager as efficiently as a professional coach. Leaving the new manager to his or her own devices to figure out what skills and knowledge is needed is a path to almost certain failure. The new manager’s direct reports will certainly appreciate professional guidance as he or she gets started.

Don’t let your newly-promoted leader struggle needlessly. Give him or her the tools to be successful up front, and save you, the employee, and the business from unnecessary pain. Get a coach!

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