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Why Outplacement?

How Does Outplacement Assist My Company?

PGPI’s program assists both the person using our outplacement services and your organization.

Public Relations

Providing quality outplacement services helps your organization be viewed more favorably by the departing employee, co-workers who remain with the company, customers and members of the public.

Reduction of Legal Costs

Employees who have access to outplacement services are much less likely to sue their former employer. Outplacement services are a much better investment than legal defense expenditures.

Reduction in Unemployment and Related Costs

Employees who have access to outplacement services find their next opportunities faster. As a result, you pay less unemployment and other costs. Often, the unemployment tax savings alone will more than pay for the outplacement program for the departing employee.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Taking care of those who have taken care of you is the right thing to do. By taking this step, you prove that you are a good corporate citizen and that you have the style, substance and grace required to move to the next level of corporate development. Providing outplacement services to those in career transition is one of the most tangible forms of true corporate responsibility.

If you are looking for outplacement consultants for a single senior executive or for an entire organization, please contact us at:

312.880.7741 (Chicago)

317.721.7741 (Indianapolis) or

309.664.7741 (Central Illinois) or

Please email growth@performtogrow.com today to find out more about our career transition / outplacement services.

Visit our other websites at:

www.outplacementcompany.net (Outplacement Services, Career Transition Services)
www.uncommonlywise.com (Speakers Bureau)