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Ready? Set? Get promoted!

By Rick Galbreath 3 months ago

Most managers or executives would like to be promoted at some point. Reaching a management level position often motivates a leader to reach even higher for the next challenge. To be considered for promotion, a leader needs to prepare.

You need to do these five things now to be ready when the opportunity opens:

  1. Assess the skills needed for the position you want.
    Look at the leaders above you; what expertise do they bring to the table? Make sure you have those skills.
  2. Sign up for a class or start your own focused reading plan.
    Everyone loves a lifelong learner. Expanding your knowledge in a key business area is a big plus. Classes are everywhere, locally and online, and easy to fit into your schedule.
  3. Document your accomplishments.
    Be sure you have a complete list of how you contributed to the company goals in a meaningful way. Use facts and figures to illustrate your contributions to the bottom line.
  4. Honestly evaluate your current performance.
    No one is perfect. Identify truthfully where you can improve to make yourself a better leader.
  5. Develop your people and productivity skills.
    These are the biggest areas for development in most executives. You need to manage your people well, while still maintaining your own productivity.

Most leaders need help with the last two tasks. It’s very difficult to objectively assess yourself, and even harder to identify the soft skills with which you need help. That’s where a good executive coach can step in.

An objective, third-party executive coach can help you work through a candid assessment of your strengths and opportunities for development. Your coach will then work with you to make the most of those strengths and help you develop in other areas. After a few sessions with your coach, you will be ready when that perfect position opens.

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