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Outplacement is a WIN-WIN practice!!!!

By Rick Galbreath 5 months ago

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), as of November 2017, the average length of unemployment was 25.2 weeks. To the affected worker, that’s a lifetime to be in the labor market. Most have bills to pay, families who depend on them, and other obligations to meet.

Many are separated from their employers through no fault of their own. Downturns in business or reorganizations are common. What can employers do to make the decision to let someone go easier? Provide outplacement.

Outplacement services reduce the length of unemployment by giving real job-search help and support, such as resume development and job search coaching, to the separated employee. For the employee, his or her worry and stress is reduced, as well as word-of-mouth or social media comments. The perception of the former employer is improved. For the employer, unemployment claims are lessened and their reputation as a quality business is enhanced.

Outplacement is a win-win practice!

We’ve done outplacement for years. We truly care about people in transition. If you really care about those who are in transition and want them to get back to work more quickly, please let us know at rick@outplacementcompany.net.