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Our Outplacement Approach

What makes PGPi’s approach to outplacement service and career transition special?

Personalized, Customized Support

The big “outplacement service shops” run people through cookie cutter career transition programs and often charge up to 15 percent of the person’s total annual compensation. PGPI’s approach is customized to the particular outplacement service needs of each client and represents a significant cost savings over the programs provided by other outplacement providers.

Staff Experienced In Real World Problem Resolution

Most outplacement service companies are staffed by career consultants with little or no real world experience. On average, PGPi staff has over 20 years of practical, on-the-job human resources experience with which to guide those using our outplacement services. PGPI understands the personal and professional needs of those in career transition.

Assurance of Client Comfort

Many outplacement programs require the client to leave the comfort of home to receive the career coaching, training and other career transition support needed. PGPi provides the support needed by our outplacement service clients in a manner that allows them to pursue their next career opportunity anytime and anywhere it is most convenient to them. People using outplacement services need support, not inconvenience.

PGPI Really Cares About Its Clients

In most outplacement service programs, the person in career transition is just a number. When the money runs out, so does the outplacement service firm’s concern. At PGPi, our commitment continues until—and after—the client has located his next opportunity. Our outplacement service clients know that PGPi staff actually cares about their well-being.

No Time Limit

We do not time-limit our outplacement services. We stay with our outplacement service clients until they have made a successful transition to their next career opportunity.

We Are Available

We intentionally limit the number of clients each of our outplacement advisors is working with to ensure that they are readily available when needed.  You will never have to wait a week to talk with your outplacement counselor.  Our goal is right now – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People in transition need job search and emotional support convenient to their schedule, not ours.  We deliver … because we care.

Excellent Outplacement Manual

We’ve put together an outplacement manual to help our outplacement service clients get “the” job they want. The manual helps our outplacement service clients understand their skills, wants and benefits to a potential employer. The goal of the manual is to help ensure that our clients do the best job search possible and get the best job and offer possible.

If you are looking for outplacement consultants who really care for people in transition, please contact us at:

312.880.7741 (Chicago)

317.721.7741 (Indianapolis) or

309.664.7741 (Central Illinois) or

Please email growth@performtogrow.com today to find out more about our career transition / outplacement services.

Visit our other websites at:

www.outplacementcompany.net (Outplacement Services, Career Transition Services)
www.uncommonlywise.com (Speakers Bureau)