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OSHA Increases Fines!!!

By Rick Galbreath 2 years ago

OSHA recently announced that the penalties for violations of their Standards and under the General Duty Clause are going up, up, up!!! 

  • The maximum penalty for Serious and Other than Serious violations is going up from $7,000 to $12,471.
  • The maximum penalty for Willful or Repeat violations is going up from $70,000 to $124,709.

Employers … OSHA is here to ensure you are fully compliant with their standards.  If they visit your facility, you will be cited and fined!

All it takes is one upset employee or temporary, who makes a totally anonymous call to OSHA complaining about something in your workplace, and you have OSHA inspectors at your doorstep! I see this scenario play out very, very frequently.

The only way to protect yourself from these expensive and embarrassing (you have to post the citations for all your employees to see) citations, is the same way you protect your employees – have a good safety program.

Don’t wait until OSHA comes knocking.  It is far less expensive and stressful to have a good safety program.  Additionally, good safety programs really do reduce injuries, illnesses and promote productivity and quality.  Everyone wins!

I’ve been evolved with safety for three decades and can tell you that there is a very positive ROI on safety.  It takes a little work but you’ll be glad you got your safety policies and practices up to snuff.  Call me and let’s talk about where you can start.


Rick Galbreath, SPHR

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