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IDES Demands Resumes: Eye Wont A Jab!!!

By Rick Galbreath 2 years ago

The Illinois Department of Employment Security recently published a notice that ALL those who establish new claims to draw unemployment after July 17, 2016 will need to post a resume on their site.

They’ve kindly suggested that those who do not have an internet connection in their home go to the public libraries to post their resumes.

Has anyone at the IDES ever been to a public library?  They are not stuffed with computers to begin with; waiting for an available computer can be a lengthy process.

What if they don’t have convenient transportation to get to the public library?  No answer.

What happens in smaller towns where there aren’t public libraries?  No answer.

What if a person doesn’t know how to operate a computer? No answer.

What if they don’t know how to put together a resume? No answer.

Are there any quality expectations on the resume?  No answer.

In reality, the resume is already used by canny job-avoiders.  These folks send out terrible resumes, to jobs they are not even close to be qualified to do, so that they can claim that they are actively looking for work. Many intentionally sabotage their own resumes so that they won’t be bothered (don’t list email address or phone number, etc.). Now, they will be able to post the same bad resume on IDES website.

Will all this mean folks get jobs more quickly.  Time will tell.

Will this mean that otherwise honest folks who are looking for a job may wait longer to get their unemployment, waste time, effort going to public libraries waiting for a chance to use a computer?  Undoubtedly yes.

IDES, I recommend that before you charge out and decree things, you visit with people who are supposed to be serving.  Listen to the reality of their lives.  Help them find jobs, don’t delay their receipt of benefits they need to feed themselves and their families.



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