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HR Consulting

Do you want to deliver even better results? We provide human resources consulting services that truly help you set up and maintain excellent HR policies, practices and systems that result in happier employees, customers and stakeholders.

Please think of PGPi if you have needs in the following consulting areas:

Employee Handbooks

Whether you call them employee handbooks, employee policy manuals or employee guidebooks, our nationally recognized employee handbook experts will custom design a handbook to meet your specific needs.

Our handbooks:

  • Positively represent your organization;
  • Reduce unnecessary legal, unemployment, benefit and turnover costs;
  • Enhance your ability to effectively respond to the changes which occur in a dynamic business environment.

PGPi staff can also advise you on policy “best practices” and options to ensure that you are making optimal choices on benefit and personnel policies.

On-Call Human Resources Advisory Services

Pick up the phone or email us any time you have a human resources question or need.  Use us just like you would a HR Department!

Whether you have a policy question, a question on employee discipline, want to do a pre-termination review, have a pay issue, a benefit question, a recruiting question,  an employee morale issue or any number of other needs, we are here to help.

We do more than just answer questions.  Many of our smaller clients use PGPi as their outsourced human resources solution.  We do the heavy lifting for them, allowing their staff to work on more important matters.

Performance Management Systems

Our domain is named PerformToGrow for a reason – we know that organizations and people must perform if they are to grow.  We can help you develop a solid performance management program – truly helpful job descriptions, performance appraisals forms and processes, talent development plans, succession planning programs, etc. PGPi understands performance and will help you put together a rational process that will help your company grow!

Compensation Programs

Whether you need to develop a new compensation system for your organization from the ground up, need to develop an incentive plan or simply need a salary range for a new hire or job description, our capable compensation plan experts are here to help.

Job Descriptions

Most job descriptions are “check the box” at best.  Our job description process and forms help you design productivity into each position and ensure that you are actually getting a return on each human asset investment dollar.

Harassment and Discrimination Investigations

Many organizations attempt to do harassment and discrimination investigations themselves – only to wish they hadn’t later.  This is an area where an outside, objective finder of facts can offer significant value.  We are very experienced in these issues and can help you document and, hopefully, successfully resolve them more quickly, with less disturbance for all involved.  We also have extensive diversity, anti-harassment and non-discrimination training services available to help remediate any concerns found during the investigation and, even better, to prevent them going forward.

“On Your Team” Outsourced Human Resources Services

Many smaller companies don’t have an HR professional.  Many larger organizations do but they may need help to get needed work done.  Still others may wish to outsource some or all of their HR processes so that they can focus on their core business.

Whatever your need, we can work as part of your team, seamlessly, to ensure that your needs are fully met.

HR Audits

Be ready when the Department of Labor, EEOC, OSHA or other regulatory agencies come to visit! Save yourself stress and your company negative publicity and money by being proactive. Find and fix compliance problems the easy way by calling the professionals at Performance Growth Partners Inc.

As a leading HR consulting firm, Performance Growth Partners Inc. will perform a thorough HR audit and develop compliance solutions specifically geared to your organization’s identified needs and resources.

We also provide many, many more value-adding HR services for our clients.  PGPi also offers corporate training services, executive coaching services, training services, and many more services specifically designed to improve our client’s profits.

If you are looking for high quality, effective human resources consulting services, please contact us at:

312.880.7741 (Chicago)
317.721.7741 (Indianapolis)
309.664.7741 (Central Illinois)

Please email growth@performtogrow.com today to find out how our HR consulting services can positively impact your bottom line.

Visit our other websites at:

www.outplacementcompany.net (Outplacement Services, Career Transition Services)
www.uncommonlywise.com (Speakers Bureau)