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I determined yesterday that at least 5 businesses that I work with have been receiving FRAUDULENT unemployment notices.

You will receive either paper or electronic notice from your unemployment bureau (called different things in different states – Employment Security, Workforce Security, etc.). It will appear to be a legitimate notice for one of your employees.

It will ask you to respond, as you normally would, to the unemployment agency’s request for information.

The only problem is that the employee hasn’t been laid off … nor has their hours been reduced!

Here’s the deal … scammers are going to the unemployment bureau’s web portal and filing a claim for an employee of yours. They are hoping that you don’t respond. If you don’t, the claim may be processed and money paid.

Payment is then moved, in circuitous ways, to offshore accounts.

The result … scammers get the money! You get a hit on your experience account. It would be nearly impossible to rectify this.

Advice – respond immediately to these requests (ensuring that you are responding to legitimate addresses and urls).

Advice – if you are not currently on your state’s electronic unemployment claim notice system, I recommend considering signing up now. At least you will get more notice of a claim this way.