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Coaching to Prevent Poaching

By Rick Galbreath 2 months ago

Finding good employees today is tough! As the labor market continues to tighten, employee poaching, where another employer reaches into your workforce and spirits your employees away, will increase.

These poachers don’t want your C players. They want your valuable A and B level employees, those on the way up who have already established themselves and aren’t even thinking about changing jobs.

One day, your best employee walks in, gives notice, and leaves to go down the street. He or she leaves a big hole, work that needs to be done, work to refill the position, and the trials and uncertainty of getting a new person up to speed.

Stop what you are doing right now and make a list of employees you really don’t want to lose. Think through the negative business and personal impacts caused if they leave. Next, make a retention plan for each of these critical employees. Give me a call if you need some guidance with this process.

For many of these high-level performers, having the opportunity to work with a coach is a way to help the round off any rough edges personally and professionally, while making them feel special and important. Those who feel important to the company are often immune to poacher’s advances.

Executive coaching is a process that facilitates quicker adoption of good work habits, skills, and abilities. Call me if you want to discuss further what coaching can do for your executives and your A-list employees.

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