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Illinois Equal Pay Act

Important Illinois Equal Pay Act Amendment July 2019

The General Assembly amended the Illinois Equal Pay Act (IEPA) this year to ensure that Illinois employers do not pay African-American employees less than their

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BIG CHANGE to the Illinois Human Rights Act Will Have a Significant Impact on Illinois Businesses

A big change to the Illinois Human Rights Act will have a significant impact on Illinois businesses. Now is the time to understand this change

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Sexual harassment training

New Illinois Law Requires Annual Sexual Harassment Training for All Employees 2019

Unfortunately, sexual harassment and discrimination, race-based harassment and discrimination and many other illegal forms of harassment and discrimination are alive and well in Illinois today.

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Sexual harassment training

3 Things You Must Do to Ensure Your Sexual Harassment Training is Worth Doing

Good sexual harassment training prevents sexual harassment and promotes a culture of inclusion in workplaces.

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4 Things You Must Know About Sexual Harassment Training in Illinois

ood sexual harassment training actually reduces the severity and frequency of sexual harassment concerns. Many people are concerned that if they do training, they

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Illinois Marijuana Laws and Safety

Illinois Marijuana Law and Its Impact of Safety

Illinois employers need to plan NOW for the changes the newly passed recreational marijuana law bring about. Are you prepared?

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At this time of year, our thoughts turn to gratitude or thanks for all we have. Let’s face it, our worst day is still 100

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Outplacement for the Older Worker

As companies ponder downsizing, they usually look toward reducing labor costs. This means the biggest salaries, which encompass the most experienced, longest tenured employees. You

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Travel or Trouble? Career transition goes both ways

People leave jobs. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not. A career transition is always an emotional roller coaster, even if it is the employee’s idea to leave,

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