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I determined yesterday that at least 5 businesses that I work with have been receiving FRAUDULENT unemployment notices. You will receive either paper or electronic

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AB5 is Wrong — Uber is Right

AB 5 is Clearly, Entirely Wrong – Uber and Lyft are Clearly Right Friends, we should spend our time fighting battles that need to be

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Illinois Equal Pay Act

Important Illinois Equal Pay Act Amendment July 2019

The General Assembly amended the Illinois Equal Pay Act (IEPA) this year to ensure that Illinois employers do not pay African-American employees less than their

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BIG CHANGE to the Illinois Human Rights Act Will Have a Significant Impact on Illinois Businesses

A big change to the Illinois Human Rights Act will have a significant impact on Illinois businesses. Now is the time to understand this change

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Sexual harassment training

New Illinois Law Requires Annual Sexual Harassment Training for All Employees 2019

Unfortunately, sexual harassment and discrimination, race-based harassment and discrimination and many other illegal forms of harassment and discrimination are alive and well in Illinois today.

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