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ACA Fines – Watch Out For Penalty Notices Coming Your Way!

By Rick Galbreath 2 years ago

Employers are beginning to get letters advising them that one or more of their employees went to the Federal Exchange and was granted a subsidy for their healthcare.

These notices are typically addressed to the “Benefits Manager”.  Alert your staff not to throw these away – they aren’t spam – they are a claim against your company’s assets!

Once you get a letter, determine if the person named is or was an employee, if they were eligible for insurance coverage under your plan, whether, when and how it was offered to them, if it was affordable based upon ACA standards and other necessary facts.

Do a good job completing your submission and make sure that you return your response within the 90-day time limit. I recommend you send your response using at least Certificate of Mailing (this is different than Certified Mail).  This is your first and best chance to avoid an ACA penalty. Take this very seriously.  A little work now will save you both time, stress and money later.

Many can expect that a majority (perhaps all) of the notices they receive will be resolved in their favor.  Employees were confused by ACA solicitations initially and often applied when they had access to ACA compliant insurance at work.

Please call with questions.


Rick Galbreath


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