A Different Kind of Consulting Firm

PGPi is a very, very unusual organizational development consulting firm. You see – making money isn’t our primary goal. Instead, we are firmly committed to helping our client companies and their employees reach their goals.

To do this, we make very intentional investments in long-term relationships with our clients. We charge less than other consulting firms might charge because it sends a clear message to those we serve – we are here to help, not just increase our bank balance. We found that when you are skilled, work hard, focus on doing the right things and keep your clients, the money comes along anyway.

Rick Galbreath, our founder, is a nationally and internationally published author. He is an executive coach, leads our outplacement services division, is an experienced leadership trainer and conference speaker. He has over 30 years of successful operations and HR experience. What is important to Rick isn’t the accolades he receives, it is in leading a decent, caring organization that helps other organizations and employees grow, reflected in our domain name – performtogrow.

Please understand that this isn’t all touchy-feely stuff. We are here to help business become more profitable. We are highly experienced, practical professionals who develop affordable, real world solutions that actually work.

Whether you need executive coaching, management training, outplacement services, sexual harassment training, employee benefits consulting, safety consulting or help in one of our many consulting areas, we can and will help.

You will find that we become trusted members of your team who consistently deliver excellent results.

Please call us today to talk about how we can help.