3 Things You Should Know About the Recent Illinois Human Rights Act Amendments


Here are 3 things you should know about the recent Illinois Human Rights Act Amendments:

  1. There is a new poster that Illinois employers must post.  Please send me an email (rick@performtogrow.com) and I’ll happily send you a copy. I don’t capture emails for marketing purposes (or for any other purpose).  I am just trying to make this easy for my loyal followers to comply with the law. You need to get this posted immediately.
  2. Aggrieved employees now have 300 days to file charges of unlawful discrimination or harassment with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR).
  3. Employees can now opt out of Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) investigations and go instead immediately to state court.

Hear the Message Clearly!

Unfortunately, sexual harassment and discrimination, race based harassment and discrimination and many other illegal forms of harassment and discrimination are alive and well in Illinois today.  Illinois is turning up the heat and the very best thing you can do is prevent these problems in your workplace.

Thing to Do Now

  • Make an affirmative decision to maintain a workplace characterized by its respect for all and inclusion.  Understand this is both the right thing to do, the legal thing to do and the practical thing to do.
  • Develop a high-quality anti-harassment/non-discrimination policy and ensure that all who work with you understand what it requires and prohibits.
  • Get some high-quality harassment and discrimination prevention training done.  Good sexual harassment training is especially important today. Don’t skimp here – it is false economy – good training ensures you have an opportunity to fix small problems, as opposed to paying for large ones.    

We’ve been doing anti-harassment/non-discrimination/diversity and inclusion training for decades.  Please see our website for more information:  www.performtogrow.com

This is Part One of a three-part series on recent IDHR and Illinois state employment law changes impacting Illinois employers.


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