3 Things You Must Do to Ensure Your Sexual Harassment Training is Worth Doing

Sexual harassment training

In the #MeToo era, we need to launch a #NotAtMyOrg movement. You need to work intelligently to ensure that sexual harassment doesn’t happen in any workplace; most especially yours.

Here are 3 things you must do to ensure your sexual harassment training is worth doing:

  • Have a well thought out, written policy that focuses on respect in the workplace for all people.  Please note that while the policy must talk specifically about sexual harassment, it should also focus on the culture of inclusion and appreciation of diversity you intend to maintain in your organization.  This policy should clearly spell out your expectations and what a person should do if they feel that they have been discriminated against or harassed in any manner prohibited by your policy. 

I strongly recommend that you don’t take a cookie cutter approach to this policy.  If the quality of your workplace is important, this is the place to begin to prove and improve it.

  • Do really good training annually for all employees.  While you can “check the box” with online trainings, I strongly recommend that you get a trained speaker who understands this issue and can help your employees understand the truly painful reality of sexual harassment is today.

Many diversity speakers leave their audiences feeling scared.  You are much better off to find a speaker who actively sells the value of inclusion, while informing their audience of the legal aspects of allowing harassment and discrimination to occur, rather than attempting to scare them.  A positive, engaging presentation is much more likely to bring about desired change than one which makes people unhappy and scared.

  • Do monthly Difference Appreciation Huddles.  These casual 5-minute presentations are pre-written for you, focus on simple concepts of inclusion, are very practical, help people gain new skills and reinforce the sexual harassment training and inclusion training your employees have received.  

I have been doing sexual harassment training classes, diversity training and inclusion training for decades and I’ve seen the difference really good training can make.  Good training is not expensive (you’d be positively surprised) and it will save you much, much more money (not to mention time, negative press and stress) than it costs.

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This is Part Two of a brief, three-part series
on Sexual Harassment Prevention.