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Our Skills


Management Training Programs

You pay for training … one way of the other.

This is especially true of management training.  Organizations rarely outperform their leaders.  If you want your organization to grow, providing high quality management training is mission critical.

PGPi can develop a single session or an entire leadership development program for your management team.  Our trainers are highly skilled and engaging. More important, our practical, high involvement training programs result in true knowledge transfer, skill development, better teamwork and alignment.

Additionally, PGPi has been doing executive coaching for over a decade.  If you have high potential employees that would benefit from executive coaching experience, PGPi can help.  Each coaching assignment is tailored to the needs of the organization and the person being coached (no cookie cutter here – people are important). We executives reach their full potential.

Please note that we work with employees at any level of an organization – high potential employees being developed as part of a succession plan program and employees with performance deficiencies which need to be corrected.

A few examples of the programs we do:

  • Teambuilding Training and Experiences – Build the Team
  • Customer Service Training – Customer Service or Customer Nervous?
  • Corporate Etiquette Training
  • Time Management Training – Time Master or Time Disaster?
  • Meeting Management Training – Meetings Worth Having
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Process Improvement Training
  • Public Speaking and Speaking in Public Training
  • Finance for the Non-Finance Professional Training
  • Change Management Training
  • Creativity in Business Training
  • Strategic Planning Retreat Facilitation
  • Train the Trainer Training
  • Process Mapping Training
  • Total Quality Management Training
  • Outplacement Training
  • Career Transition Training
  • Interview Training – Finding The Best and Avoiding The Rest
  • Employee Discipline Training – Positive Discipline, Positive Results
  • Employee Coaching Training
  • Performance Appraisals Worth Doing Training
  • Performance Management for Real World Supervisors Training
  • HR Law for the Non-Lawyer Training
  • Dealing With Difficult People Training
  • The First Time Supervisor Training – Stepping up to Manager
  • Employee Motivation Training
  • Employee Retention Tactics That Work Training
  • Anti-harassment/Non-Discrimination Training
  • Sexual-Harassment Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Employee Orientations Worth Doing Training and Programs
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Safety Training
  • Employee Termination training – Terminating Without Fear
  • HR Boot Camp Training
  • Employee Motivation Training
  • Remaining Union Free Training

If you are looking for high quality, effective management develop training classes, supervisory development classes, executive coaching, teambuilding classes, even a full corporate university program or any number of other helpful organizational development activities, please contact us at:

312.880.7741 (Chicago)
317.721.7741 (Indianapolis) or
309.664.7741 (Central Illinois) or

Please email growth@performtogrow.com today to find out more about management development and executive coaching programs.  We do development right!

Visit our other websites at:

www.outplacementcompany.net (Outplacement Services, Career Transition Services)
www.uncommonlywise.com (Speakers Bureau)
www.writemearesume.org (Resume Writing, Interview Training)